How to lose your Friends — Practical Guide

You’d be wondering why I am writing on this topic or even considering it a clickbait thing since online content is full of it these days.

But to surprise, your assumptions will be proved unreal.

  • Don’t pick up calls when sitting alone, as it will disturb your thoughts.

Does it happen to anyone ? Well it depends (on your mind’s openness). To dig deeper, we can analyse an (im)perfect story.

A millennial who has gone through highs and lows of life and thinks himself of higher being in his imaginary fair world, becomes a victim of his own thoughts when subjected to emotional dissonance in outer world. There could be many reasons for this emotional imbalance but one tops the all.

When his imaginary powers intercept slight victimisation in outside world, it melts emotional cognition and forms magma of confusion. This magma then finds its way and erupts in form of self created social exclusion or taking no decision on the matters that matter most.

His life revolves around 3 modes. The top one is “I don’t mind. And I don’t care.” This mode is very lethal and can consume a lot of energy because of later regret.

This situation can be classified as a personality defect or even psychological issue but to the core its very strange behaviour. With the advent of metaverse, it’s very easy to understand this concept of imaginary world.

This story is still under development and will be updated time to time. Feedback is optional but recommended.



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